About Us

The All-In-One Toolset for Self Publishers

We help self-publishers become more successful with the most powerful research, analytics, and optimization tools available.

What We Do

BookBeam helps publishers reach more readers, get ahead of competition, stay on top of market trends and become more successful. We give user’s access to key data and help them to understand it. From research to optimization, BookBeam will help you to increase your book sales and to keep them high.
The Story

Two years ago BookBeam’s founder Tomass Sarts noticed a big gap in the self-publishing space. He felt that self-publishers needed a more advanced set of tools that provided more accurate book market and book sales data, based on as many real data points as possible. Tomass also noticed that he was spending a huge amount of time on repetitive tasks that if automated, would save him hours of time every month.

And so he set out to create what has now become BookBeam, a set of tools that Tomass himself wanted and needed. Along the journey, he was fortunate to team up with talented developers who understood the vision and shared the same passion for creating high quality software.

Our Core Values

Save days from your projects, and deliver results that drive success for you and your customers.
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    Using Data to Make Winning Decisions
    We believe in using data to make the right publishing, branding and marketing decisions. Data teaches us about our audiences and how to best reach them.
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    Gaining & Maintaining Independence
    Away with the mainstream publishers and the gatekeeper figures. We believe in your independence as creatives, as story-tellers and as indie publishers.
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    Educating the
    We invest a lot of our resources into producing high quality educational content for the self-publishing community. Equipped with the right knowledge and the best strategies.

What our users say about us

BookBeam provides unique data that other KDP research tools don't.

The Chrome extension, especially, goes above and beyond my expectations. And the support team is always available to answer questions.

Very excited to have found it; I feel like I’ve found the magic ingredient to Amazon publishing.

Adam Cheshier
Adam Cheshier
Bookbeam in my opinion is a complete keyword research tool for KDP and ACX publishers.

It combines what other keyword research tools do AND more unique features only Bookbeam offers in one. If you’re looking to take your publishing business to the next level, I highly recommend you look into Bookbeam.

Sean Dollwet
Sean Dollwet
BookBeam is a cool mix of functions I’ve been looking for to take my publishing business to the next level!

Is not the typical “keyword research tool”, just at a first glance you get all the valuable data you really need to qualify a topic as profitable or not. Not only that, you can look for categories, book BSR history tracker, the EASIEST description generator I ever found!

Guys, another level…I used many tools that I don’t mention here, yes they have been helpful but…my publishing business has been boosted since I’ve got BookBeam.

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Giovanni Antonelli
Giovanni Antonelli
Initially, I thought BookBeam was for advanced publishers that just need that extra edge.

However, it is definitely not just that! After publishing my first 3 books I quickly realised BookBeam had saved me days worth of effort, and ensured my books actually sell. With the competitive market nowadays, I simply do not see self-publishing possible without BookBeam’s toolset.

What helped me the most was the category explorer and the chrome extension that in combination give you all the information to help you find your next niche and categories as well.

This is truly the secret ingredient to define your success in the self-publishing industry.

Robert Berzins
Robert Berzins