Current BookBeam Discount Coupon Codes

Current BookBeam Discount
Coupon Codes

Currently active coupon code: GROW50

With code GROW50, you get:
10% off the first year – save up to $320!
…or 50% off for the first month – save up to $34.50!

How to Claim Your Discount

Option 1: Click the link and the coupon will be applied automatically.


Option 2: Input the Code Manually

  1. Go to
  2. Enter code “GROW50” into the coupon code input field and press the “Apply” button

  3. You will see the discounted prices. Select the plan that is best for you and start growing your publishing business!

    BookBeam Free Trial

    We do not currently offer a free trial. We do, however, offer a 14-Day Money Back. This means you can try our tools risk free.

    BookBeam Tool Review

    BookBeam Chrome Extension

    Unlock the secrets of the book market while browsing Amazon with the BookBeam Chrome Extension. The Chrome Extension will help you uncover sales data, royalties, and essential metrics with ease. This tool empowers you to swiftly uncover the hottest niches, genres, and keywords, while also providing a clear window into your competition and beyond.Book Tracker
    Stay connected to the heartbeat of your book’s success. Book Tracker delivers continuous insights into your book’s performance, including reviews and rankings, allowing you to monitor and understand its trajectory on Amazon with precision and ease. You can track your own books or those of your competitors.

    Niche Finder

    Navigate through Amazon’s extensive library with the Niche Finder, which cuts through the noise to reveal the most sought-after niches and genres. By analyzing over 200 million books against sales, performance, and competitive data, this tool equips you with the knowledge to pinpoint promising opportunities for your publishing endeavors.Keyword Research Tool
    Dive into a comprehensive analysis of keywords and niches with the Keyword Research Tool. This feature quickly deciphers the true demand and competition surrounding various keywords, streamlining your strategy for market dominance.

    Category Explorer

    With access to a database of more than 45,000 Amazon book categories, the Category Explorer simplifies the selection process, guiding you to the categories most suited for your book’s success.

    Description Formatter

    Crafting the perfect book description is now simpler than ever. The Description Formatter eliminates the complexity of HTML, offering a user-friendly interface to finesomely hone your book’s description, ready to be showcased on Amazon with a simple copy and paste.

    Listing Optimizer

    Gain clarity on the necessary steps to enhance your book’s presence and sales on Amazon with the Listing Optimizer. This tool scrutinizes any book listing, delivering tailored advice across four crucial optimization factors, setting you on a fast track to improved visibility and conversion rates.

    Opt-in Page Builder

    The Opt-in Page Builder removes the hurdles of cost and complexity in creating email opt-in pages. Within minutes, you can design a professional-looking page, accelerating the growth of your email list, securing repeat customers, and boosting the overall value of your publishing portfolio.