Feb 22, 2022

Quarter 1, 2022

New: Search Volume & Historic Data on Chrome Extension

New Chrome Extension Features:

    • See monthly the volume of how many times a keyword is entered into Amazon’s search box.
    • Examine a correlation between sales rank and pricing adjustments with the simple graph.
    • Check the reviews and ratings of a book have altered throughout time.

Search Volume Estimates on Chrome Extension

See an estimate of how many times a keyword is typed into Amazon’s search bar on a monthly basis. Search volume is the holy grail when it comes to understanding demand, and now you can have it accessible whenever you are doing research on the go.

This data point will be available in both overlays and inside the BookBeam Chrome Extension table.

Historic Pricing Data on Chrome Extension

See historic pricing information to get a better understanding of how price affects sales. The easy-to-use graph will allow you to see correlation between sales rank and pricing changes.

As always, there can be several factors that affect sales rank but price is certainly one of the most impactful ones.

Historic Review & Rating Data on Chrome Extension

See how a book’s reviews and ratings have changed over time. This data usually is most interesting at the beginning of the launch of a book – you can investigate how quickly a competitor was able to rack up reviews and ratings, and see how that affected their sales rank. As you already know, reviews and ratings have a huge impact on conversions and sales.

These updates will help to give you more clarity on both a micro-level (a single book) and macro-level (niches and keywords).