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Jul 14, 2024

New to Keyword Research Tool – Keyword Analysis

We have added an exciting new feature to the Keyword Research Tool – keyword analysis.

These are 3 keyword ratings – demand score, competition score, and opportunity score. This feature analyzes the relevant data points for demand and competition, rates each of them, and then compares both against each other to come up with an opportunity score.

As you may notice, the opportunity score gives more weight to demand since this is a more important and more primary factor for a good keyword/niche opportunity. With no or very low demand there simply is no opportunity, regardless of how low the competition is.

Expanded Analysis

By clicking the “See More” button next to any of the opportunity scores you can receive a more in-depth analysis of a keyword. Each section – opportunity, demand, and competition and their data points are explained in a more detailed way.

Use Them the Right Way

Lastly, please note that the scores are made to help inform you and help you better understand a keyword and its data points. I suggest that you do not completely outsource your decision-making to these scores. Ultimately there can be more factors involved in picking a niche.

For example, let’s say we’re looking at a high-demand, high-competition keyword. The score could be somewhere in the middle for such a keyword, perhaps 5-6. But you have a competitive advantage in this niche, which allows you to outcompete your competitors and still rise to the top rankings. In this case, whilst the scores were accurate purely based on the data points but due to your unique circumstances, it was still a good opportunity for you.


Since the Keyword Research Tool now has more columns of data, we have also added a way for you to customize the results table to see only what you want to see.

Not interested in a data column or two? No problem, just click the “Customize” button, uncheck the data column you’d like to hide, hit save and it will be cleared away from the results table.

Saying Goodbye to the Old Keyword Analyzer Tool

In many ways, this feature can be seen as an improved version of the old keyword analyzer tool, which means that it is time to retire this tool. The keyword research tool now does all of what Keyword Analyzer did and more, and to be frank, it does it much better and more smoothly.

The old Keyword Analyzer tool will be removed from the sidebar but will be accessible for another month before it will be retired completely.

Going forward we will keep focusing our efforts on the Keyword Research Tool, with a goal of making it the absolute best keyword research tool for publishers out there.