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Mar 15, 2023

Quarter 1, 2023

Filter Updates to Niche Finder

We have added some cool updates to the Niche Finder!

The Niche Finder tool now has 3 new filters, which will allow you to improve the targeting of your searches. One of these (number 3) opens up a new research strategy.

1) Exclude specific books from the results.

BookBeam Niche Finder Filter

Some users have been asking if it’s possible to exclude specific books from the Niche Finder search results.

You asked, and we listened. With the “Exclude Books” feature, you can tell Niche Finder to exclude books with specific words in their titles.

For example, there were some requests about whether it would be possible to remove low-content books from search results.

To do this, you would add keywords like logbook, journal, notebook, and others in the Exclude Books field, and you will not see any of these types of books.

2) Add more keywords to the “Keywords in Title” input field.

BookBeam Niche Finder Keywords in Title Filter

Now you can add up to 5 keywords in the Keywords in Title input field. The setting for this is exclusionary and not additive, which means that Niche Finder will show you only books with ALL of the keywords that you entered (in any order).

This will allow you to be more precise with your searches.

Note that entering several keywords may significantly narrow down the search results that match your criteria.

3) Search for books by Publisher Name.

BookBeam Niche Finder Publisher Name Filter

Quickly find the books of specific publishers. This is more relevant for researching book catalogs of bigger publishers.

This our my favorite new filter out of all 3. Contrary to what you may think, this search is very different than a simple search in Amazon’s search bar.