How to Install, Uninstall, or Reinstall the Chrome Extension

Installing and uninstalling the BookBeam Chrome Extension is very easy. It usually takes less than a minute to set it up.

To install the Chrome extension, just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are using a Google Chrome web browser. The extension can only be run on a Chrome web browser. Click here to install Google Chrome in case you don’t have it already.
  1. Head over to BookBeam’s Chrome Extension Page  – it will take you to the Chrome Web Store. Next, click the blue “Add to Chrome” button and then “Add extension” in the confirmation pop-up.
  1. Your Chrome Extension will be set up on your browser and a new icon will appear at the top right of your browser. Click the “b” icon to open the extension.
  1. Enter your BookBeam credentials in the Chrome extension to access the features. These are the same credentials you used when registering for your BookBeam account and the same credentials that you use to log in to the BookBeam web app.

To uninstall the chrome extension follow these steps:

To the right of your address bar, look for the extension’s icon. Right-click the icon and select Remove from Chrome.