The Chrome Extension is Not Showing Best Seller Rank and Sales Data (or data is showing very slowly)

Although we do everything we can to make the BookBeam Chrome Extension as fast and accurate as possible, sometimes issues may occur that are not within our direct control.

Here are the most common causes for why you may not be seeing the Best Sellers Ranks (BSR) and sales data and how to resolve them:

  1. A slow internet connection – depending on how slow your internet connection is, the sales data (BSR, units sold per day/month, revenue)
  2. The second most common reason is that you have other Amazon BSR extensions installed which are conflicting with our chrome extension. They all may be launching requests to Amazon, even if you do not have them open. Amazon therefore see’s this as unusual activity and may remove some or all other extensions that use Amazon’s BSR.
    To resolve this you can remove some or all other Amazon BSR extensions and wait 30 minutes to an hour and everything should be working.
  3. It also may be possible that a book has not been assigned a BSR usually because it has been recently published and has not yet made any sales.