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Aug 09, 2021

Quarter 3, 2021

New features added to Niche Finder, Category Explorer and Chrome Extension

  • Added a summary section on the Niche Finder

We have added a summary section on the Niche Finder that will show you an average rank, average reviews, average price, and average sales. It will also show you estimated sales trends as well as word frequency.

  • New audiobook category on Niche Finder (in beta)

You can now also use the Niche Finder to filter through audiobooks.

  • Sales estimates on Category Explorer

Each category will now have an estimate of how many sales per day you need to reach each position. It will tell you how many sales you need to reach positions 1, 3, and 20 in each category.

  • Category Analysis on Chrome Extension

There now is a new category analysis feature on the chrome extension too. You can view categories for any book from search pages and category pages:

As well as on book listing pages as overlays: