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Aug 26, 2021

Quarter 3, 2021

Updates on Category Explorer, Niche Finder & Book Tracker

  • Added Expandable Sections in the Category Explorer – See Parent Category Data

You can now expand any category on the category explorer to see all of their parent categories and the data for each of them. This will give you a better understanding of not only the competitiveness of the child category but of the whole category tree, i.e. how hard or easy it will be to rank your book in the parent categories as well.

  • Improved Filter Settings on Niche Finder

Selecting a category to do a Niche Finder search is no longer mandatory. If you do not select any category, the search will happen in all categories by default. You can still select categories as filters of course.

  • See Royalty on Book Tracker

We have added a new data column to the Book Tracker to help you get a better understanding of how each of the books inside your tracker is performing.