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Nov 11, 2021

Quarter 4, 2021

All-New Keyword Research Tool: Search Volume, Competition, and much more!

  • All-New Keyword Research Tool: Estimated Search Volume, CompetitorsAverage Reviews, Title Density, Average Age and more!

Keywords are crucial when it comes to getting visibility and sales on Amazon, which is why we’ve spent the past months working hard to create this new tool.

It is faster, easier to use and it will give you more valuable data points that will help you to make winning decisions for your publishing business.

The Keyword Research Tool will show you critical data points like:

  • Estimated search volume – an estimate of how many times customers type this keyword into the Amazon search bar on a monthly basis.
  • Calculated using a proprietary algorithm that uses several REAL data points from Amazon.
  • Competitors – see how many titles are competing to rank for this keyword.
  • Average Reviews – the average number of reviews on page 1 of each keyword. This will help you to gauge how competitive the keyword is and how difficult or easy it will be to rank on page 1.
  • Title Density – see how many times this keyword shows up in the titles of the books on page 1.
  • Average Age – get a better understanding of how old a specific niche is by seeing the average age of books on page 1.
  • …and more!