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Sep 28, 2021

Quarter 3, 2021

Extension Updates: Audible UK Support & Advanced Category Data on Chrome Extension

  • Audible UK Support on The Chrome Extension

We released support for and due to demand by our users we have also released support for Audible UK. All the same features that you can use on, you can now use on as well!

From now on you can do research on and make sure that your audiobooks are optimized for the UK market as well.

  • Book Cover Icons on Chrome Extension Table

To make it easier to use the table of the BookBeam Chrome Extension, we have added the option to view small covers images next to the title of each book.

If you prefer to not see images, you can deselect this feature at any time using the toggle button.

  • See Data for Parent Categories on The Chrome Extension

The function to see parent categories for any child category has now been created for the Chrome Extension as well. Gage competitiveness of not only the child category but also each of it’s parent categories. You can do for almost any book on Amazon!