Sep 07, 2021

Quarter 3, 2021

Audible Store Support: Chrome Extension Now Works on Audible too!

  • Chrome Extension Audible: the BookBeam Chrome Extension now works on the Audible store too!

Due to popular demand, for the past weeks we have been working hard to make the Chrome Extension compatible with the Audible store as well.

This means that most of the awesome things that the Chrome Extension is able to do on Amazon, it can now do on Audible too.

Here are some of the key highlights:

  • See Bestseller Rank Numbers As Well As Sales and Royalty Estimates

Without these key numbers, you can’t really do proper audiobook research, can you?

This new chrome extension feature will allow you to know how well each book performs on a daily or monthly basis, and get a much better idea of the performance of different niches and keywords.

  • Works on Search Pages, Listing Page, and Bestseller Pages

See all the important data on all the important pages.

  • Averages and On-page Overlays

See averages for bestseller’s rank, reviews, sales per month, and more.

  • See Historic Bestseller’s Rank

Get a better understanding of sales performance throughout time.