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Aug 23, 2022

Quarter 3, 2022

New Tool: Trademark Checker

We are excited to bring you a brand new tool that will help you steer clear of any potential trademark infringement by quickly checking the trademark status of any term.

Introducing Trademark Checker.

BookBeam Trademark Checker

Quickly Check the Trademark Status of Any Term in the US and Europe

Works for US (USPTO) and EU (EUIPO)

Find out the trademark status of any term within seconds. Just put it into the search bar, hit enter, and find out whether the term is trademarked, whether the trademark is canceled, or never was registered.

Make sure that you are covered for not only the US but also Europe. The Trademark Checker allows you to look up trademark information for not only the US trademark office (USPTO) but also the European one (EUIPO).

Easy-to-Use and Easy-to-Read User Interface

BookBeam Trademark Checker UI

Government-run websites tend to have very outdated user interfaces and they usually are quite challenging and arduous to use. We have made Trademark Checker as easy to use and read as possible.

Check Any Term from Any Page on Your Browser

Trademark Checker Feature

Along with the release of Trademark Checker, we have also added a neat function on our Chrome Extension that lets you highlight a term on any page in your Chrome browser, right-click, and have it be searched on Trademark Checker with one click.

Just highlight any term on any page in your browser – can be Amazon, or literally any other page, then right-click and have it be searched on the Trademark Checker on a new tab.